Renewable bio energy opportunity for Russian agriculture


Kalagra Group grows, distributes and harvests a sustainable bioenergy crop known as “Miscanthus x Giganteus”, the biomass of which is then used as a feedstock to produce biofuel pellets or cubes.

Whilst most biomass pellets are derived from trees and forest operations recent studies have proven that, given demand, this source of biofuel is unsustainable in the medium and long-term perspective, trees simply don’t grow quickly enough and therefore cannot be relied on as a long-term solution.

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Our objectives

To develop a new source of environmentally sustainable fuel for both domestic and export utilisation

To create this opportunity in the Kaliningrad Region taking advantage of the geographical proximity to Western Europe and the favourable climatic conditions for agriculture

To provide permanent employment for more than 120 people in the rural areas of Kaliningrad

To utilise difficult and often unviable agricultural land and bring it into production in line with Russian Federal objectives


About Miscanthus

  • Sustainable perennial energy crop
  • Planted once, yields biomass annually, 20+ year lifespan
  • Dries naturally
  • Ecologically beneficial, soil enhancer
  • Low agricultural input
  • Low carbon footprint

growing process

Planted from rhizome

Planting miscanthus

Late April...

Spring miscanthus growth

... August!

... November!

Late Winter / Spring Harvest

Contractor harvest / baling…



Conventional Pellet Plant

Miscanthus Pellets

What effect on land and environment

  • Sterile crop that cannot self-propagate
  • Low mineral and nitrogen requirement so will grow on substandard land
  • Thrives in high water content soils and can survive flooding
  • No chemical inputs or fertilizer once established
  • No known diseases, pests or predators
  • Soil fixer & builder due to mulching of leaves and fine deep root structure
  • Easy to remove if land required for alternative use

Miscanthus as a fuel

  • Annual harvest of dry biomass of up to 20 tonne/ha
  • Below 15% water content at harvest
  • Easy and efficient to pelletize
  • 4444 kwh/tonne (virgin wood = 4800kwh/tonne)
  • Will burn in the same way as wood pellets
  • 2-3% ash that can be used as a direct fertilizer

About Kalagra Group

The Kalagra Group of companies is set of a number of corporate entities engaged in different elements of the business while commonly controlled by OOO Kalagra. Driven by its wish to contribute to the global shift from fossil fuels to clean energy the Kalagra Group committed itself to growing and producing environmentally sustainable fuel which can be successfully used on the local market as well as exported abroad. We combine the UK’s expertise, knowledge and technology with the advantages of geographical, weather and economic conditions of the Kaliningrad region.

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Kalagra Farm is the agricultural company of the Group involved in the main production processes:

  • clearing and renovation of land;
  • planting and development of Miscanthus and other bioenergy crops;
  • harvesting and logistics of the delivery of biomass;
  • development and management of the Miscanthus nursery and sale of rhizomes;
  • production of biofuel in cubes and pellets from Miscanthus and other biomass for export and to the local market;
  • agronomy consultancy both to our own companies and to external growers;


The Kalagra Group of companies has now been present in the Kaliningrad region for a little under three years and during that time we have:

  • Formed a number of corporate entities based in Kaliningrad to manage the different elements of the business
  • Have established a highly skilled management team working exclusively for the project. The business provides the opportunity to give full-time employment for an additional 150 staff from some of the most challenging rural environments of the Kaliningrad region
  • Already invested in 400 Ha of agricultural land in the Chernyakhovsk region and have agreed the purchase of a further 1300 Ha. With an eventual goal to have a pool of 10 000 Ha of privately held agricultural land and a limitless opportunity for cooperation with other landowners
  • Have ready and waiting a supply of Miscanthus rhizomes for the spring of 2019 for the initial establishment of the nursery production
  • Have own inward investment deployable to the project of 250 mln rub together with external investment of a further 750 mln rub
  • Agreed a three-year contract to supply biofuel pellets to a local district heating operator in the Kaliningrad region as a replacement to coal
  • Agreed contracts to supply biofuel pellets under a fixed price twenty-year indexed agreements to the United Kingdom electricity producers. Total export potential of this agreement is up to 8.4 billion RUB

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M: +7 909-790-1114

A: 236010, 21 Pravaya Naberezhnaya Str., floor 4, office 1, Kaliningrad, Russia

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